FILTECH 2024 | Cologne

12-14 November 2024
Filtech is the largest filtration event world-wide.

Cologne trade fair
Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 35
50679 Köln »

We look forward to your visit at our booth.

Latest Developments

JVK SnapFit

JVK Snap Fit

Screwless connection for one-sided filter cloth, overhang filter fabrics and wear parts for all types of filter plates.
Non-destructive "SNAP" connection:
quick and easy to assemble - quick and easy to remove.

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Temperature controlled chamber plate


Temperature controlled chamber plate – for effective cake drying
With the new temperature-controlled chamber filter plate (TCC),
in combination with membrane filter plates (TCM), nearly 100% of cake drying is possible.

5-D CNC milling machine

5-D milling machine

JVK is using one of the largest 5-D CNC milling machines ever built,
as a result we can process products up to a size of 3000 x 5000 mm.