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Membrane Chamber Plates


Constructional Design of JVK Membrane Chamber Plates

The construction of the JVK membrane chamber plate meets all important technical requirements:

Design in accordance to individual requirements
Uncomplicated construction
High functional safety
Trouble-free maintainence

  1. Basic construction
  2. Membrane core plates (MTP)
  3. Membranes
  4. Press medium
  5. Membrane installation
  6. Filter cloth fixing
  7. General informations

1. Basic Constructions

JVK membrane chamber plates can be supplied in the following design:
  • Suspension inlet inside the plate:
    center, center top/bottom, in the corner
  • Suspension inlet outside the plate
  • Corner ports for filtration and cake washing,
    inside or outside the filter plate

2. Membrane Core Plate (MTP)

The membrane core plate taking up the membranes is generally produced out of high molecular, high heat stabilized Polypropylene (PP) in accordance to the ICM process developed by JVK. Treatment is done on CNC-milling machines according to DIN standard 7129 and in the narrowest possible tolerances. It is possible to adapt these plates to all specific requests of any filtration plant choosing the most suitable materials: different Polypropylene types, other thermoplastic or metallic materials e.g. aluminium or ductile iron resp. their combination with other thermoplastic elastomeres as a surface protection.

3. Membranes

Usually there will be installed one detachable elastomere membrane on each side of the core plate. The membranes are made from vulcanized or thermoplastic special elastomeres, as for example EPDM, NBR, SBR, VITON, PP-TPE etc. The design of most critical zones was considered with utmost care in order to grant a long working life.

4. Press Medium

The gap between the combinationplate and the membrane is inflated by the pressmedium, e.g. air or water. The cake will be adjustable compressed and at the same time residual moisture will be reduced. The press medium as well as the operating situation determine type and position of connection.

External connection:
Threaded inserts being frontal fixed on each core plate do allow an individual connection of the JVK membrane chamber plate to the manifold of pressure medium.

Internal connection:
An internal channel in a suitable position of the sealing area can connect each JVK membrane chamber plate with the squeezing media. Sealing is done by an elastomere O-ring between the plates.

5. Membrane Installation

The membrane must be installed in the sealing rim and support boss area of the core plate. A detachable fixing is only applied within the feed port area by clamping rings from thermoplastic material as PP, PVDF etc. The screwless version can be realized using support and distribution rings.

pfeil clamping ring
pfeil support ring
pfeil distribution ring

cheme-drawing / membrane installation

6. Filter Cloth Fixing

For any design filter cloths with barrel neck can be used.Overhang filter cloths can be installed with modified clamping rings or with support and distribution rings.

pfeil cloth fixing by
   distribution rings
pfeil cloth fixing by
support rings
pfeil cloth fixing
pfeil cloth fixing

7. General Information

The combination of JVK membrane chamber plate and JVK combination chamber plate is approved in all fields of application and much more favourable in price. There are less limitations compared to more rigid membrane. Due to the high elastic membrane a filter press completed exclusively with membrane chamber plates is only necessary in special applications.

info The construction of the JVK membrane chamber plates is protected by various patents and trademark rights all over the world.

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